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I've been in the networking industry now for about 20 years. I've worked on many systems and types of network gear.


With over Four Years of management experience involving the roll out and maintenance of equipment and software and over 16 Years of experience in Network Engineering, design, operations, implementation and architecture of various LAN/WAN networks and computer systems, I am seeking a responsible position as a Network Architect and look forward to showing you how I can benefit your organization.
Over the past 20 years of working in networks I have gained a vast knowledge of how most systems interact and use that knowledge to help provide input and information where needed.

  • Fullname: Joshua Bedgood
  • Birth Date: June 11, 1972
  • Job: Network Engineer
  • Website: www.bedgood.net
  • Email: jbedgood@gmail.com


Applied experience and configuration of routing protocols including OSPF, EIGRP, IGRP, BGP, RIPv1, RIPv2 Practical experience of Cisco Nexus 7000 series, 7600, 6500, 5000, 4000, 3500, 2900, 1900 series routers and switches Practical experience of SUP, MSFC1, MSFC2, SRM
Experience in use of Network Associates Sniffer Pro application, HP Open view, Cisco Works, Cisco View Knowledge and configuration of Cisco Secure VPN, Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Applied Design and configuration of Check Point Firewalls Design of Intelligent route control DNS, DHCP, Radius, Tacacs+, AAA (TCP/UDP/HTTP/SSL/) over IP and IPSEC Circuit Testing, circuit vendor management and escalation Emphasis on Network Design, Trouble Shooting and OSI model familiarity (Layer 1- 7)

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More of my credentials.

I've worked on many different aspects of networking. I have vast experience with several load balancers,
firewalls, and an array of server hardware and applications. Load balancing has been done with Cisco, F5 and Citrix.
Firewalls I've configured, tested and deployed include Checkpoint, Cisco, Juniper.

Work Experience

Network Engineer

Feb 2006 - Present


In my engineering role my responsibility is to review new projects going into the video network and work with planning and design to make sure it will work in our environment. We are also responsible for the implementation and network creation of new projects in the video network. Taking the NDS and creating configurations for new and existing equipment in order to make a project successful and to function properly. We also gather the metrics on network equipment and report that data up for others to look into ordering new circuits or additional hardware when needed. Responsible for maintenance of the Verizon FiosTV Video network including routers, switches, F5 load balancers, Firewalls, and network servers. As a network engineer at Verizon my responsibilities include troubleshooting issues as they arise, forecasting of needed upgrades, configuring network equipment in support of new Video services. As a network engineer I work with multiple groups to accomplish my tasks, I work with the IP Design team for new network designs that will be deployed within the FiosTV Video network, I work with VNS planning to help get the necessary equipment to maintain our level of uptime, and I work with the IP NMC to get our MPLS backbone connections configured. In Verizon’s FiosTV Video network I am constantly challenged to provide ideas and input into what we need within VNO to keep the network run smoothly, as such I have provided several designs and suggestions that have been approved and implemented within the FiosTV Video Network.

Senior Network Architect

Sept 2000 - Feb 2006


Responsible for research and development of new technologies and how they fit into the companies network. As an architect my responsibilities include providing cost benefits per technology, designing guidelines on how the technologies are to be used, and working with various design teams to insure that the guidelines function for them. As an architect I am required to project manage my projects from inception to completion. I have responsibility for designing the security standards, meaning what hardware to use for firewalls, what type of IDS/IPS to use and how they are to be monitored. I support the US company of more than 25,000 users.

Senior Network Engineer

May 2000 - Sept 2000

Convergent Communications

My job was to assist sales teams with pre-sales engineering in the design and configuration, of client networks. Responsibilities include installing and configuring Cisco switches, Cisco routers, and Network General Sniffers. Supervised cabling contractors to ensure their work fit the standards. Deploy solutions to customer requirements.

Internet Security Engineer

June 1999 - March 2000

IKON Technology Solutions

My job was to assist sales teams with pre-sales engineering in the design and configuration, of client networks. Responsibilities include installing and configuring Checkpoint firewalls, Cisco firewalls, Security Policies, Cisco switches, and Cisco routers. My pre-sales work mainly revolved around security implementations. I designed and implemented many facets of security devices from, Checkpoint, Cisco, ISS, and also the policy side of security. I designed security policies for companies that had no policy. February 1998 To June 1999: Digital Equipment Corporation/Compaq Services Job title: Network Design Engineer My responsibilities at Digital Equipment Corporation started as a network design engineer. I performed design tasks for several months and was then promoted to and Architect role at the headquarters in NY for our project. As an architect for DEC my responsibilities included putting together design guidelines for the design engineers to build to, to review new technologies and hardware, and to ensure that the design engineers understand the guidelines. I trained design teams on the new equipment and technologies before deployed into a production environment. The customer that I worked for mainly on the project I worked for was a network of 15,000 nodes in the US and approx 50,000 worldwide.

Network Technician Supervisor

June 1996 - June 1999

System One Technical

My responsibilities at System One started as a support engineer within the IT department. I was promoted to the lead technician after 6 months of working there. I then worked as the lead technician for several months until System One promoted me to the Network Technician Supervisor. As the Network Technician Supervisor I managed 8 employees and all technical decisions. During my time at System One I converted the 13 office network from a bridged network to a true Routed Wan network. I also moved the company from a Novell network to a Microsoft network. I deployed a help desk system that allowed users to easily use a web browser to input support requests. I set training schedules for my technicians.

Equipment Technician

August 1995 - May 1996

BMA of Augusta

* Maintenance & repair of dialysis equipment.
* Maintenance & repair of various printers and computer terminals.
* Software installation: Windows 95, Windows 3.11, DOS 6.22, and various other programs.

Firecontrol Technician

June 1990 - June 1995

US Navy

* Manage training and scheduled maintenance of on-board computer systems and associated peripherals.
* Maintenance, repair, & operation of the on-board desktop and laptop personal computer suite, the HP9020 mini computers, the AN/UYK-20 mini computers and the AN/UYK-43 standalone computers and their associated peripherals.
* Maintenance, repair, & operation of the Fire Control Systems (inclusive of the organic common display consoles, standard information display, and launch support equipment.)


Technical Training

June 1991 - Present


2016: Cisco Ansible Network Automation
2014: Cisco Data Center training
2012: Cisco UCS training
2011: Cisco Nexus training
2010: F5 Training
2008: Cisco IP Multicast
2004: CCIE Written Class
2001: CCNP Bootcamp
2000: CCNA Bootcamp
1997: Waldec Education Center- Fast Track to MCSE training.
1993: United States Navy Electronics & Electricity Training for Microcomputers.
1993: United States Navy AN/UYK-43 Intermediate Level Maintenance Training.
1991: United States Navy Basic Electronic Rate Training

Bachelor Degree

July 2000 - June 2006

Harrington University

Earned my Bachelor degree in computer engineering.


1998 - 2001

Various Certifications

2001: Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
2000: Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
1999: Checkpoint Certified Security Engineer and Administrator (CCSE& CCSA)
1999: Checkpoint Meta-IP certified (CIE)
1999: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
1999: Windows NT4.0 Enterprise (MCP)
1999: Windows NT 4.0 TCP/IP (MCP)
1999: Windows NT 4.0 Internet Information Server 4.0 and Index Server 2.0 (MCP)
1999: Networking Essentials
1998: Windows NT 4.0 Workstation (MCP)
1998: Windows NT 4.0 Server (MCP)


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I am very talented, experienced and eager person. I strive to achieve the best in all my work.


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